Jalou Bank Holiday was a smash!!!


So to finalise the bank holiday weekend, I headed to Newcastle to end the final bank holiday Sunday of 2016 in style (Vlog coming soon). It was my debut in the city and all I have to say is positive. Great city, great people & great nightlife. I have to send a huge #ShoutOut to DJ Jax for inviting me down, aswel as Jalou John and ofcourse Joe Sensation (Pictured right) who all made me feel very welcome in their city. It was good to catch up with some old faces (DJ Play the head honcho of DJ City UK, Doc Jnr (The UK scratch god in my humble opinion) and some new ones including Satoru (DJ City’s music director) who I’ve spoken with many times but never met. Overall an beautiful city with great nightlife & an incredibly tight nit DJ community which was inspiring to see. I’m privileged to have been invited back & can’t wait to make my return.

#TeamBlighty #DJBlighty #Jalou #WhoTheHellAreYou

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