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WHAT IS YOUR MOST RANDOM MEMORY?? • What’s your most random memory/story of meeting someone you’re a fan of or look up to? • This story right here, you couldn’t make up. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with & cross paths with some incredible music artists throughout my career. But this pic right here was the most random thing ever. @neyo was in town for a concert & randomly turned up to a club I was playing at, he wasn’t booked, he literally just rocked up to party. The first I knew of it was when he tapped me on the shoulder whilst I was DJ-ing to say hi & let me know he thought that I was a dope DJ which I was made up with. We got to talking & he remembered me from a show we did together some 7-8 years previous to that which blew my mind 🤯 • In my experience, it’s always the most established & sometimes most famous musicians that are the most humble & genuine people. There seems to be some sort of trend there 👀 • Anyway, that’s my final tbt of the day & definitely one I’ll never forget. Huge props to NeYo, I’m still a big fan to this day. • Just realised this story is LAME compared to my mate @aleksandar1809 story about taking Lady Gaga up a Serbian mountain & she got out to help an old lady milk a goat 🤯😂 • • • • • • #neyo #rnbmusic #rnbsinger #randommoments #random #memories #compound #tbt❤️ #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursdays #throwbackthursday #djlifestyle #djlife #djblighty #fridayflava

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